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We Serve and Prepare Food with our Passion we maintain 100% Quality and Clean for our Customers

Hyderabad Rasoi name itself says that kitchen from the place which is really Originated From Hyderabad India which is presently Opened in the core of Phoenix which Serves Hyderabad Dum Biryani's, EveryDay Buffets, Mughlai Dishes, North Indian Dishes, Punjabi Dishes, South Indian breakfast and Thalis. Hyderabad Rasoi offers Ala-carte eating, Buffet in a 5 star feeling and is a suggested eatery for Al Fresco feasting, Business gatherings, Casual eating, Celebrations, Family Dining, Kids, Relaxed Dining, Reunions and Hangout, Casual catch-ups, Romantic suppers.



Everytown Gazette


"Restaurant's Tandoori's and appetizers is TO DIE FOR! They definitely earned their spot on last year's 'Top Spots in Anytown, USA'!"



"I couldn't believe the wait to be seated here, but after tasting their seared food, I get the wait!"



"The chef knows their way to prepare Biryani's one of the best biryani's in Anytown. Originated from India Hyderabad True Authentic and truly food Indian Restaurant in Phoenix

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Hyderabad Rasoi

3510 E Bell Rd, Suit 12

(602) 283-4170